Welcome to pranaDOGS

We are a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization working to improve the quality of life for dogs through Education, Training and Resource sharing

We work hand-in-hand with Shelters and Rescues to give homeless dogs with behavior issues the time and rehabilitation needed to become well-mannered members of society and terrific best friends!

We provide basic classes for new adopters and problem solving classes for individuals (dogs) struggling with behavior challenges, especially 1) dogs who overreact when they see other dogs and 2) anxious, shy or nervous dogs

We offer free information for pet owners, shelters and rescues to empower everyone to have a great relationship with their dogs and cats

We advocate and support mixed-breed and shelter dogs

Positive-reinforcement, Choice-based Training

Shelter, Rescue and mixed-breed dogs are a wonderful, eclectic variety of dogs. The interaction of breeds and temperaments creates unique dogs who have also lost their families (which includes loosing their security, structure and routines) and many of whom have probably had a bunch of colorful life-experiences. Some have developed terrific problem-solving strategies while others, coping mechanisms.

We learned early on at pranaDOGS, it wasn’t enough to just train dogs and get them to respond to what we wanted; we had to teach them how to make great choices no matter what life threw at them. Like it or not, we cannot control what happens to the dogs after they leave our care, but what we can do is teach them strategies to employ. Safe, healthy strategies that they can go-to whenever they need. More info

Why a Rehab Center?

Most dogs who come through shelters and rescues are terrific but a few need a little extra time and attention. With 20-acres, the Behavior & Rehab Center is set up with multiple yards, climbing devices and interactive puzzles, games and toys to stimulate each dogs natural abilities.

By giving dogs ample playtime, improving their diets and holding-the-space for them to settle down and relax, we are able to successfully focus on household and basic manners as well as problem solving and impulse control. More info

Trainer behind pranaDOGS


Marcy Eckhardt, BBA, CPDT-KA is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and student of dog behavior. Marcy gravitated toward dogs at a very young age then after serving in the Air Force attended Colorado State University and took her first job at an animal shelter in Longmont, Colorado.

After working in many capacities with dogs: as a pet sitter, veterinary technician, groomer, doggie-day-care operator, foster coordinator, consultant and animal shelter director, Marcy knew it was time to follow her real passion: helping shelter dogs and helping shelters and rescues read and communicate better with dogs.

Her first book, The Ripple Effect, was published in 2012 and has proven to be a valuable guide for shelter and rescue workers across the country. Since then, Marcy has published numerous articles and is currently working on her second book, Dogs instead of Daughters.

Marcy splits her time working with the dogs at pranaDOGS Rehab Center, working with the dogs at La plata County Humane Society and writing, recording and remaining fascinated by dog behavior.