pranaDOGS, a 501c3, not-for-profit Canine Behavior & Rehab Center is a canine training facility located on 20 beautiful acres in the la plata mountains. We specialize in helping dogs who are transitioning between homes by teaching them to develop positive coping mechanisms.

Offering services to shelters, fosters, and individuals whose dogs need behavioral assistance, pranaDOGS uses positive-based training techniques and emphasizes Association and Choice-based Training.


1×1 with our Trainer

Having an issue with your dog? Not sure if what you’re doing is helping? An at-home Behavior Consultation can provide you with the answers you need.

A Behavior Consultation provides you with the opportunity to get to the heart of your dogs’ issue(s) and determine the best strategy forward, given your lifestyle.


Tired of being dragged around by your dog? Or sick of waiting for them to come to you at the dog park? A pranaDOGS Workshop can provide you with the tools and practice needed to overcome these and other behaviors.

pranaDOGS 2-day workshops provide you with an opportunity to learn and practice your dogs skills in a short time frame. Each workshop focuses on a different skill set including Distance Recalls, Advanced Manners and Dog Reactivity.

Workshops are held in the Spring and Fall on Saturday and Sunday mornings at pranaDOGS Behavior & Rehab Center.

Stay & Learn

Is your new pup more than you bargained for? Or are you tired of him or her bolting out the door? We can help!

pranaDOGS Stay and Learn is our on-site, training program for puppies and adult dogs who need help with basic and household manners, dog reactivity, and so much more.

Staying 2-3 weeks at pranaDOGS Rehab Center, Stay and Learn dogs practice their dog and household manners, basic behaviors and any problem behaviors they may have. Great for new puppies or dogs who need a refresher in good manners!


We offer Basic Manners and Dog Reactivity classes monthly at La Plata County Humane Society.

Basic Manners classes are held on Thursday evenings 5:30-7pm and run throughout the year. Dog Reactivity classes are held monthly with practice sessions available throughout the year.


Have a specific issue or just want to double-check what you’re thinking? Check out our Resources area for video’s and handout’s on a variety of behavior topics.