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Behavior Support

Behavior Support & Problem Solving

Dogs are awesome, but some struggle and make poor decisions. At pranaDOGS, we set them up with proper coping techniques, and then practice until they realize they’re available in every situation. 

Have a dog struggling to make good decisions?  We also provide in-person (or video) assessments as well! Each session will start by covering the dogs issues, and the effects these issues have on the household. Then a training plan will be discussed for you to implement for success.

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pranaDOGS trainer

Marcy Eckhardt is a CPDT-KA, BBA, Director at pranaDOGS and Trainer at La Plata County Humane Society. She has spent her life studying dog behavior, and is working to improve the quality of life for dogs – primarily by working in and with animal welfare agencies.

Marcy treats each dog as an individual. She focuses on choice-based training, and setting dogs up to make great decisions throughout their lives. Although we wish we could help every dog, Marcy’s passion lies with mixed-breed, adopted dogs, who are struggling to stay in their home or adjust within the pack.

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All appointments are charged on an hourly basis. We charge $85/hour. Initial appointments are typically 2-hours long, and follow-up sessions are 1 hour each. At this time we don’t offer multiple-visit packages.