Einstein said “Imagination is everything. It’s the preview of life’s coming attractions.”  And I believe we can do practically anything with our pups that our imagination can dream up. From hanging with them day-to-day to having them salute a veteran. Our imagination is the limit.

The hard part is thinking of stuff! Being creative can be difficult, and what you end up focusing on will be determined by your own life, likes and your pup. Lets face it, not every dog (or person) is a Frisbee player – but some are and they live for it! You’ll also need to overcome all the nay-sayers; just because you haven’t seen a dog do something, doesn’t mean they can’t.

The key – and this is important, is that your pup has to be happy and has to be into it. If it’s no fun for your kiddo, there’s no point. And fun builds confidence; playing, getting better at something these activities are great for pups – and for your relationship with your pup.

At pranaDOGS our focus has always been on polite, well-mannered dogs who are able to do as much or as little as they’d like. Because of this we don’t focus on tricks and sports as much as day-to-day activities – and some fun behaviors that can be incorporated into everyday life. The links below bring you to information on how to teach behaviors as well as problem solve typical issues.

Remember, to review pranaDOGS Methods for information on treats, tools, body language (yours and theirs) and the Types of Dogs.