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Diamonds in the Ruff

Diamonds in the Ruff are dogs who stay at the pranaDOGS Rehab Center while in training or rehab. These animals may have been picked up on the Navajo Nation, on surrounding indigenous lands, on oil & gas fields, or have been transferred through a rescue group or shelter.

Although we’d love to save them all we are committed to doing it right. So limiting what comes to us is necessary, to be sure we spend our time on dogs that can benefit from rehabilitation, and be placed afterwards. In some cases, the individual who found or rescued the dog takes them back, in other cases they are adopted out through pranaDOGS, or the Shelter or Rescue they originally came from.


Ty is a beautiful, soft, Shepherd mix who likes the company of other dogs and soft people. He craves love, attention and chasing the ball. Ty was abused when he was a puppy, so he needs time to adjust to new people and situations. He is a neutered male who was born around May 2019.


Cabo is a highly intelligent dog who needs a job and who is very selective about who touches him; so we’ve been training him to be a Service Dog. Cabo can retrieve a pill bottle, clicker, cell phone and we’re working on many more items. He needs a person with exceptional dog knowledge and respect for this terrific guy. He enjoys tug of war, chasing – and running with – the ball, love and being needed. He is a neutered male born around Jan 2018.