Diamonds in the Ruff are pranaDOGS dogs who stay at the Rehab Center and get adopted through the organization. These animals may have been picked up on the Navajo Nation, on surrounding indigenous lands, on oil & gas fields or been transferred through a rescue group or shelter.

Although we’d love to save them all we are committed to doing it right so limiting what comes to us is necessary to be sure we spend our time on dogs that can benefit from rehabilitation and be placed afterwards. In some cases the individual who found or rescued the dog takes him or her back, in other cases they’re adopted through pranaDOGS or La Plata County Humane Society in Durango, CO.

Some of the dogs we’re currently working with are:


I’m available for adoption!
Carmel or ‘Mel’ is almost 2 years old and is a neutered male Pit bull mix. He is an solid, strong, gentle guy who is looking for a best friend. Mel is VERY athletic and would love a life where he can be outside and hanging with his people a lot. Mel has passed his Canine Good Citizen test and is available for adoption for $299* More Information on Mel

*We use a pay-it-forward system; $299 covers the cost of giving another dog a chance; with this amount the dogs can be checked out by the vet, altered, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and set-up with all necessary supplies.


Sedona has been staying at pranaDOGS since she was trapped in the oil fields near Aztec, NM. At the time her face was covered in porcupine quills. She’s come a long way since she arrived but she still doesn’t trust people and prefers the company of dogs. The couple that trapped Sedona and brought her here are planning on taking her once able.


I’m available for adoption, kinda…
Alex is a beautiful, little, female Heeler mix. She was transferred from the Navajo Nation and was too nervous to find a home through local shelters. We’ve been working on her confidence building and she’s doing great. Alex is available for adoption to the right home…something soft with low-chaos, strong routines and a well-mannered dog or two that she can bond with. She’s a real love….loves to snuggle but still gets nervous if she’s one-on-one with a person outside. Alex needs someone who wants a project dog (and a best buddy) who gives great kisses!


This big guy is just beginning his training. We’re currently working on impulse control and manners (he’s a bit pushy) but a big love and a gentle giant….and great with the puppies!

We’re also working to get him to put on a few pounds!



Frankie is a young male who lived at LPCHS for months without connecting with anyone. He’s a good boy who has no idea how big he is but who is currently learning manners and better dog communication. Frankie will be up for adoption soon.



From time to time we foster dogs for La Plata County Humane Society in Durango, CO. These are dogs who need a little extra attention, coaching and training before being adopted….here are a few we’re working with

Millie (aka Milagra)