Diamonds in the Ruff

DOGS in Training & Rehab

pranaDOGS has dogs in different stages of training and rehabilitation. Some are available for adoption, some still need work but can met with.  Many traumatized dogs need to meet their future people often, much more often than just one time.

pranaDOGS also encourages pre-adopotion, weekend fostering – to give folks a chance to spend time with the dogs, see how they fit into their household and lifestyle and identify any issues that need to be addressed – prior to adoption.

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Dogs for Adoption

These dogs have been trained, have great leash manners and have passed their Canine Good Citizen test:


Psychiatric Service Dogs for Adoption

These dogs have been Service Dog trained and have passed both their Canine Good Citizen and Public Access tests and have been proofed in a variety of settings, situations and conditions. All have 2-3 tasks trained at time of adoption. Adoption include a SD vest and 2-months of continued task and post-adoption training:


Dogs in Rehab

These dogs are not yet available for adoption, but are in rehab at pranaDOGS. Please keep them in your thoughts as we work through their post-trauma’s and issues:


Adoption Process

To adopt a dog through pranaDOGS, download and read the information below, then complete the application and send it in here



Adoption Prices

  • Dogs for Adoption – $299
    • We use a pay-it-forward adoption process at pranaDOGS. Your $299 adoption fee covers the cost of vetting and getting the next dog set up at pranaDOGS
  • Service Dogs for Adoption – $5,000
    • SD’s are trained for 4-6mo and include graduating through Canine Good Citizen, Public Access and 2-3 tasks in different settings and situations