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Meet Lada

This cute girl came to pranaDOGS through Rezdawg Rescue. Her owner passed away and as her and her brother were sent through the shelter/foster system they were separated. She had relied on him for a lot and ended up in a house without any other dogs – she was lost and didn’t know what to do. Through a series of events she ended up back with her brother but during the time with him she got cornered by a stranger while eating and ended up biting the man.

She’s just finishing up her adjustment/settle-in stage here and is doing well. She loves having other dogs around and plays great with them. She also loves having the option of coming in during the day; her thick coat makes her appreciate the cool, tile floors. But she’s not yet comfy with humans. I force petting on her and she tolerates it and once in a while she’ll lick my hands but she’s kept her distance from everyone else.

The second phase of rehab here is behavior modification; she needs to experience the world and gain confidence. We have to go slow with a girl like her, and begin with another dog – a confident dog that she likes – who can help assure her that she’ okay. We’ll keep you informed as her training continues.

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