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pranaDOGS Behavior and Rehab Center provides temporary housing, care and behavior rehabilitation for animals while in-between homes. We work with shelter and rescue dogs before, during and after adoption helping them build confidence, teaching them to drop bad habits and working through their household and leash manners. We provide a limited number of classes to the community and center our offerings around what we do best: Manners, Anxiety and Aggression.

pranaDOGS provides Basic and Advanced manners through La plata County Humane Society in Durango, CO. We focus on the Top 10 Behaviors all dogs need to know including: Sit, Stay, Come, Go, Down, With me (heel), Drop it, Leave it, Touch, and Look. We begin by teaching the dogs what we want both using hand signals and words then we practice, a lot. By practicing – and increasing their successes – you can build your relationship with your pup and get them through most any situation, in a happy and confident manner.

Anxiety & Aggression

At pranaDOGS, we focus on 2 behaviors often experienced by dogs and their people; Shy, nervous or anxious dogs and Over-the-top dogs – dogs who bring a ton of volume to the table

Anxious, shy or nervous dogs are more and more common. These dogs – often acting more like cats then dogs – are fearful of strangers, noises and new situations. Sometimes this fear causes the dog to bark at new things or to lunge and even bite. Other times the dog lives in perpetual fear running out of the room at the slightest noise to hide under furniture. At pranaDOGS we provide free exercises and guidance on working with your fearful or shy dog, as well as online classes and free workshops.

Dog Reactivity or dogs acting aggressively – is a huge problem in our country. Some dogs are fantastic off-leash but as soon as there’s tension on their neck they turn crazy. Other dogs are fine unless there’s something between them and the other dog (like a fence). While others are scared or small or traumatized and have found that acting aggressively keeps other dogs at bay – and after doing it successfully for a long time it’s hard to stop these patterns. At pranaDOGS we provide free guidance on handling your reactive dog, as well as classes and free workshops.


Dogs in-between homes

Dogs who are looking out for themselves often act differently than dogs who have someone watching out for them. They may act more defensively or on guard and less natural or relaxed. Reading these dogs and identifying the best way to help them through any behavior issues can be challenging. At pranaDOGS, we’ve worked for years in and with shelters and rescues and now provide easy-to-follow steps on identifying the dogs issues and needs as well as the appropriate training plan.


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