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Advanced Manners

Advanced Manners Workshops

Advanced Manners takes the basic’s that your pup has learned and brings them to the next level. We practice the Top 10 behaviors out and about with special emphasis on leash manners and distance recalls (coming when called).

“My dog is great but wouldn’t come when I called her. Advanced manners gave us an opportunity to practice, the right way, and now my Mayday comes every time!”           -Steve, Durango, CO

Each 2-hour session begins and ends at LPCHS, allowing us to utilize a fenced-in area before heading out to the river trail. We work in small groups of 10 dogs or less and are outside for this class. Advanced manners sessions are $49 and sign-up includes 2 sessions. Sign-up below

  • April 18th 4pm
  • April 25th 4pm
  • May 16th 4pm
  • May 23rd 4pm
Leash walking can and should be fun for everyone!!