Dog Reactive Classes & Workshops

6-week Dog Reactive Classes

These classes are for those people who want to really practice working out their dogs reactivity in a small group setting. This six-week course is for those dogs who react badly when they see other dogs. In the first week we discuss strategies, tactics and management devices then we spend the next 5 weeks practicing. Practicing with other dogs, in different settings, with different weather conditions, etc. Every 2 weeks we’re in a different setting, allowing your dogs to practice but also increase the challenges they face.
GREAT NEWS!!!     CLASSES RESUME THURSDAY, MAY 14th for active students.
Interested in enrolling? Let us know on the sign up form below and we’ll let you know when we schedule the next class.

“This is exactly what we needed; nice people, different dogs and the guidance to know what to do. Thank you Marcy.”

“I wasn’t able to walk my dog before Marcy’s workshop. Now we walk every day and never have any issues with dogs!”

Cost – $210

Bonus: Once you’ve attended a session, you’re invited to participate in any upcoming sessions to continue your practice.

Dog Reactive Class Primer

This is a specialty class to help students prepare and get the most out of the Dog Reactive Class. Only individuals enrolling in the Dog Reactive Class are eligible to participate. The Dog Reactive Primer includes pranaDOGS trainer, Marcy Eckhardt seeing your pup in their own home and giving you specific strategies intended to help you succeed. It is a more personal experience and includes Marcy teaching your pup Leave-it, Touch and Look – all behaviors necessary to attend the Dog Reactive Classes.

Cost – $125

Free Dog Reactive Workshops

These 90-minute workshops are intended to set individuals up with the tools and strategies needed to overcome their issues. Workshops are held at the La plata County Humane Society, pm and last 90-minutes. Free to attend, no dogs – people only. These workshops include demonstrations with shelter dogs and handouts to take home.
Our workshops are moving online, stay tuned for more information.