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Dog Reactive Classes & Workshops

Dog Reactive Workshop +

Let’s face it, some dogs struggle when they see another dog, a particular person or thing. Their reactivity can make walking your pup impossible – but it doesn’t have to be! Join us for our Dog Reactivity Workshop to learn strategies, tactics and management devices to help you and your dog work through their problem behavior.

“This is exactly what we needed; nice people, different dogs and the guidance to know what to do. Thank you Marcy.”

“I wasn’t able to walk my dog before Marcy’s workshop. Now we walk every day and never have any issues with dogs!”

How it works

Our first session will discuss our goals and strategies needed to get our dogs through their reactivity. We then teach them a few key behaviors and begin practicing. After the initial 2-hour session, we re-convene 2 weeks later to review, practice and add the next milestones.

Once you’ve attended the first 2 sessions, you and your dog are invited to participate as alumni to get their practice in.

All workshops take place at La Plata County Humane Society. Cost – $99

Class schedule

New StudentsWe have Dog Reactive Workshops scheduled for

  • January 29th
  • February 5th
  • March 5th and 12th

Returning StudentsWorking your pup through their reactivity is a lot like speaking a new language; if you don’t practice and use it, you tend to lose it. Dogs need practice to do well and to realize that doing well is expected 24/7. Please join us for these practice alumni sessions:

  • January 15th 3pm Rotary Park
  • February 26th 3pm Buckley Park
  • March 26th 4pm Rotary Park

Due to the nature of this class, we will already be working 6+feet from each other. Much of our workshop takes place outside. We ask everyone to please wear a mask, and to only bring 2 people per dog to avoid crowding. When we work away from the humane society (alumni sessions) we again follow these procedures and are outside the entire time. Please use any additional precautions you feel are necessary.