helping dogs become their best selves!

Rehab’ing to Rehome

Rehab’ing to Rehome is for dogs who stay at the pranaDOGS Rehab Center while in training or rehabilitation. These animals may have been picked up on the Navajo Nation, on surrounding indigenous lands, on oil & gas fields, or have been transferred through a rescue group or shelter.

Many shelter dogs are able to be helped in 10 days others need months. The formula we use stays the same, but where we focus our efforts and the amount of time it takes differs with each dog. Just like people, two dogs who have gone through the same experience will be affected differently and have unique needs afterwards. Giving dogs the time they need is a key-component to letting them heal and gain confidence.


This big beautiful dork is all love and feet! At 135-pounds he came to pranaDOGS due to his age, size and history. As a 3XL dog, Oopy knocked over stuff, people and dogs until he finally learned how to control his massive frame. He was also treated with a heavy hand which resulted in him redirecting his anxiety into a kid. Due to his history we’re looking for a no kids – no grand kids – household.

Oopy is an awesome English Mastiff for a home familiar with the breed (or familiar with giant breeds) who is young (less than 2yrs old) and who is a ton of fun. If you let him – and can handle it – he’d be a lap dog!


Lucas is a Catahoula mix who doesn’t act anything like a Catahoula. He’s been with pranaDOGS for a bit while we worked him through his severe anxiety. He is a loving boy, who would prefer to be a stay-at-home dog rather than a traveler.

As an anxious dog, he needs a low-chaos household, with someone willing to give him time to settle-in. Lucas is on anti-anxiety drugs – and has begun playing and really showing his personality!


Cous is an awesome, young, neutered male, Basenji mix available for adoption through LPCHS. Cous had a rough beginning and was abused badly by a guy; he’s gotten better but definitely favors women. When he first arrived at pranaDOGS he was very defensive and reactive, after months of showing him another side of humans he’s softened up and loves belly rubs! Couscous was born March 2020.