helping dogs become their best selves!


pranaDOGS offers the following classes:

  • Basic Manners and Communication (Level 1 & 2)
  • Dog Reactivity Classes and Primer
  • Advanced Manners (Recall & Leash Manners)
  • Anxious Dog Online Classes

Basic Manners and Communication

marcyThis intro level class focuses on communication and relationship building by practicing and perfecting the Top 10 Behaviors all dogs need to know. These semi-private classes are a perfect way to start a relationship with a new pet or restart training with a current one. Classes are held in the La Plata County Humane Society multi-purpose room.

  • 11am – Level 1 for new students and fearful dogs – Everyone starts here and attends Level 1 for 2 weeks*
  • 1pm – Level 2 – for returning students – each week we cover advanced behaviors included in the Top 10:
    1st Saturday of each month – leash manners
    2nd Saturday – recall (coming when called), go, stay
    3rd Saturday – drop-it, circle, bow
    4th Saturday – review of all Top10 behaviors with increased distances, distractions and different durations involved

Classes are $25 each or $120 for 6-weeks. Since we offer drop-in classes, there’s no need to sign-up, just show up whenever you are available and want to work a bit with your BFF!

*Most dogs attend Level 1 for 2 weeks the exception being fearful and anxious dogs; these dogs need as long as it takes to gain their footing; we have a special plan for anxious dogs allowing them to attend at a non-typical pace.

Dog Reactivity

Having a dog who reacts badly to other dogs can ruin an otherwise great relationship. At pranaDOGS we want to help you improve your relationship and give your pup a chance at a better life – and probably more walks!

Whether your dog is rude behind a fence, on leash or just comes on too strong, we have the strategies that can help. Our 6-week Dog-Reactive Class allows you to learn and practice these strategies in different environments and with different dogs present.

Our Dog Reactive Primer is new in 2020 and includes pranaDOGS trainer, Marcy Eckhardt coming to your home to do a one-on-one visit to identify the best strategies for your particular situation, and teaching your dog Leave-it, Look and Touch prior to the Dog Reactive Class.

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Advanced Manners

Many dogs are terrific pets and do really well until there’s another dog or person around. Or they’re great saying hello to dogs off leash but not on leash. Advanced manners focuses on two crucial activities: leash manners and coming to you when you call them.

This 6-wk class uses choice-based training and positive reinforcement to train and practice with our dogs in different settings and with different distractions present.

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Anxious/Fearful Dog

Since the very nature of these dogs precludes them from excelling in classes, these classes are online and are meant to guide you through the steps involved in building a dogs confidence. We cover the milestones you’ll pass as your dogs finds his/her footing, the pitfalls to avoid and a number of trade secrets that will make things happen faster and help you secure success. For Example,

  • Be sure to pet these dogs under the chin or on the side of their faces rather than on top of their heads
  • If they’re scared of a man in your life, have him sit on the floor and hand-feed the dog (no reaching to pet the dog, wait for him/her to come to you!)
  • Noises can be especially terrifying for anxious dogs; be aware of the noises in your environment and how they affect your pup

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