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Advanced Manners

Advanced Manners 6-wk Class

In Advanced Manners we focus on 2 main areas many dog handlers struggle with:

  • Leash manners – having a dog that walks politely next to you, on or off leash and
  • Recall – having a dog that comes to you when you call them, no matter the distraction or distance

We’ve combined these two advanced behaviors into one 6-week class to allow you to practice and hone your dogs skills in different areas and with different distractions present. This small, 10-dog class begins at La plata County Humane Society then moves to the River trail, downtown and eventually field work.

Cost $210 Next class begins, Thursday March 19th at 6pm. Sign up below

Advanced Manners Free Workshop

This 90-minute session focuses on the strategies we incorporate in our classes. It’s for those of you who want/need to work with your dogs on Coming when Called and Walking Politely on Leash. This is a people-only session, we’ll show the different strategies utilizing LPCHS dogs. The next workshop is Wed, March 11th at 5:30pm at LPCHS, register below: