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What Type of Dog Do You Have?

Identifying the type of dog you’re working with is key to utilizing the appropriate strategy in training and problem solving.

Man Card vs Woman Card

We receive many calls about how their dog does not like a particular person, especially men. This often has nothing to do with the guy, but lies in the fact that dogs treat men and women differently. Men naturally get respect from dogs. Most of us have witnessed a woman asking a dog to sit ten-times, without the dog responding. When a man says the same thing one-time, the dog immediately complies. But the opposite side of the respect coin is trust. While dogs naturally respect men they trust women.

Shy, nervous, scared dogs bond much quicker to women. Woman typically speak softer, talk in baby-talk, give them deep-tissue massages, and really see them. Dogs tend to trust women while respecting men, as a general rule, until they get to know us.

The second reason I believe dogs don’t trust men, is because these dogs crave a low-chaos and predictable environment. Men tend to be less aware of their actions, and how those actions impact the dogs around them. Think about a Sunday morning in most houses. Dad wakes up in a good mood, hangs in bed a bit longer than usual and seems great. But just a few hours later, dad is yelling at the TV and carrying on like one of the kids – unpredictable (at least to a scared/nervous dog).

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