Belly Bands

A Belly Band is a terrific, quick management device to use on dogs who have not yet learned leash manners. It allows you to walk your pup without having your shoulder pulled out and takes the pressure off the dogs throat.

Start with a 6′ flat leash attached to your pups collar. Slip the lead between your pups front feet from front to back, then pull upwards across their back and under the leash – where it connects to the collar. There should be no knots! When set up correctly the dog feels the pull then the leash immediately releases when the tension does. A belly band is also a terrific way to take pressure off the dogs neck when leashed.

Teaching your pup to walk politely on leash?

Try a belly band. Using a belly band is a great way to teach a dog leash manners. After your pup has had a chance to be a dog for a bit (smell, run, play, check out the world) put a belly band on and Mark and Reward them over and over: “Good heel” or “Good with me” Marcy uses “Yes, good walk right” or “left” to show the dog where you want them to be. Then take them out of the belly band and test them. If they pull 3 times put them back in the belly band and repeat.