Anxious Dog Classes & Workshops

Anxious Dog Online Classes

These classes are for those wanting to improve their skills with fearful, anxious or traumatized dogs. Some dogs struggle in the world, flinching at the slightest noise, hiding from good-meaning strangers, or convinced they must react negatively to anything new or different.
Some of these dogs have experienced something traumatic, were never socialized, or just have a softer personality and the busy world overwhelms them. And over time their reactions and neurosis increase.
This 4-wk class provides you with the tools to set your anxious or fearful dog up for success and build their confidence.
We cover the milestones your dog needs to cross….can you step over them, can you walk toward them without them reacting (no lip licking, bowing, etc), can you pet them? over their heads as well as under their chins? Do they flinch?
Since anxious dogs often struggle in public situations, we offer these classes online only. Classes coming soon!

Need Immediate Help? Check out our Basic Guidelines for Anxious Dogs

Anxious/Fearful Dog Free Workshops

These 90-minute workshops are intended to set individuals up with the tools and strategies needed to help their dogs overcome their issues and build some confidence. Workshops are held at the La plata County Humane Society and last 90-minutes. Free to attend. No dogs – people only. Our workshops our moving online stay tuned for more information