helping dogs become their best selves!

pranaDOGS story…

prana – Sanskrit word for vital life force –
the energy that runs through our bodies and gives us our spark

pranaDOGS – embracing and celebrating the energy that makes dogs, dogs

pranaDOGS is an onsite behavior & rehab center for dogs

Located in SW Colorado, pranaDOGS helps canines who have experienced trauma, are overly anxious or who just need focused, personal time. The dogs live in small, group settings where they’re able to improve their dog-dog skills and overall manners.

panaDOGS utilizes solid routines, individual training, hiking, puzzle solving and play to encourage dogs to relax and eventually build the confidence they need to succeed.

As individuals, dogs are unique and the time it takes to help them varies. Some dogs are assessed, do the work and leave in ten days others need months. But no matter the time, they all follow the same system; a system that’s worked for more than a hundred dogs!

Many of the dogs who come to pranaDOGS have made bad decisions. Some reacted badly to other dogs while others bit someone, some are just pushy or rude. Since we can’t foresee every situation they’re going to encounter in the future, we teach them coping mechanisms; go-to behaviors they can employ anytime life gets uncomfortable. Then we practice – a lot, in all different situations; until it becomes second nature for the dogs.

The woman behind pranaDOGS

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Executive Director and Founder of pranaDOGS. Marcy Eckhardt is focused on improving the quality of life for dogs – specifically mixed breed and shelter/rescue dogs. After serving in the Air Force, she spent the majority of her career working in different dog fields, expanding her knowledge, and gaining a well-rounded awareness of dogs as a whole. Focusing solely on dog behavior since 2014, Marcy specializes in helping traumatized dogs get their feet under them, and works as the La Plata County Humane Society Canine Behaviorist.

Why non-profit?

Shelters, Rescues and Fosters across the country work to rehome the dogs in their care. In some cases, those dogs need more than the organization can provide. Becoming non-profit allowed pranaDOGS to expand their services to more than one organization and subsequently help more dogs.

“Many people wanted to donate the cost of training an animal for their own humane society or rescue organization. As a non-profit, we are able to help those dogs, without having their organizations incur any expenses.”

There are only a handful of dog behavior and rehab centers across the country. Even fewer dedicated to shelter dogs. pranaDOGS receives requests from organizations throughout the four-corners area, hoping to get help for a particular dog. When room is available, and the dog is a good candidate, we take the dog in, work with them, then transfer them back to either the initial shelter or a partnering adoption organization.

Rehab Center

After years of working with dogs in her own home, in shelters and rescues directly, Marcy purchased a 20-acre parcel of land to expand her offerings. Located just outside Durango, pranaDOGS Behavior and Rehab Center includes acres of dog-friendly land, a 4 acre confidence course, with plans to build much more!