pranaDOGS’ Stories of Success


This handsome boy was pulled from an animal shelter in northern New Mexico. A big lug of a guy, Inky first learned to chill then showed us what a ham – and how smart he was! Inky lived at pranaDOGS for a while as he settled then he was put through training as a Psychiatric Service Dog.

Inky is now adopted and working as a Psychiatric Service Dog where he gets to attend weekly meetings with veterans and hang out with his favorite people: men.



Sedona came to pranaDOGS as a young adult and stayed for more than a year while she let her guard down and learned to like and trust humans.

Originally trapped on the oil fields in northern New Mexico, Sedona’s face was covered in porcupine quills. Terrified of humans, Sedona took months to get through her Adjustment phase before she let anyone touch her. We used play, massage, group interactions (dogs not people), strong routines, patience and lots of love to get her through the worst of it. Sedona now lives with her family – who originally trapped her – near Durango, CO.



Alex, a beautiful, little, Heeler mix was transferred from the Navajo Nation to a humane society but was too terrified to find a home. She spent over a year at pranaDOGS where we worked on her confidence and her comfort with people and noises. Her progress was slow but little by little she relaxed and let her curiosity grow. She now lives in Idaho with her forever family.


Pulled from a New Mexico animal shelter, Mel was so nervous when we first met he refused to walk on a leash – we had to carry him to the truck. We held the space for Mel as he settled in, let his guard down and showed us the puppy that was inside of him.

Mel stayed at pranaDOGS for over a year as he adjusted. Today Mel lives with his family in Durango, CO and runs daily with his mom!



Gordy too came to pranaDOGS a nervous, reactive boy. He hung for a while just watching then began to explore and find his footing. After six months it was obvious how smart he was so he was transferred into our Service Dog program.

Gordy graduated as a Psychiatric Service Dog and was placed with a young girl. His amazing personality and love of his family has made him a constant companion to all of them.


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