What we offer


We offer classes in Basic Manners & Communication, Advanced Manners, Dog Reactivity and Anxiety in Dogs

All proceeds are used to provide care & training for pranaDOGS animals

Behavior Support & Problem Solving

In person and virtual guidance and training for your best friend

Reactivity is often a byproduct of Anxiety; at pranaDOGS we set dogs up with coping mechanisms to help them deal with stress

stay n learn

Stay & Learn

A 3-week, onsite training program for dogs who need to work on their manners, basic behaviors and household manners

We work to make dogs polite, appropriate members of the community – this way they get to go more places and do fun stuff with their families!!!


Reactive Dog Workshop

Solve your dogs leash reactivity once and for all with our Reactive Dog Workshop offering strategies, tips and tricks and insight into common mistakes