One of our missions here at pranaDOGS is to help people and pets improve their communication skills and subsequently their lives altogether.

To that end, we share most of what we create – it may not be enough to answer all the questions or challenges you’re faced with, but hopefully, it will give you some ideas and strategies to try.

Basic Training

Top 10 Behaviors all dogs need to know, and how to train them

Anxious Dogs

Resources for shy, nervous, anxious and scared dogs

Over-the-Top Dogs

Resources for high-volume, fast moving, and excitable dogs

Dogs with Reactivity

So many dogs struggle with reactivity, especially on leash. Check out the resources and best practices we have for this often hard-to-manage behavior

The pranaDOGS Approach

Here we share how we work our dogs through their issues, the management tools we use and tips and tricks to making behavior rehab, manageable

Foster/Rescue/Shelter Resources

We’ve worked in the shelter profession for years, here we share with you some of the tricks, tools and strategies we utilize when working within these unique settings.

Service Dog Resources

Whether you’re interested in individual tasks or the steps needed to certify a dog to become a Service Dog, we have the answers