pranaDOGS’ Story

prana – Sanskrit word for vital life force –
the energy that runs through our bodies and gives us our spark

pranaDOGS – embracing and celebrating the energy that makes dogs, dogs

pranaDOGS is an onsite behavior & rehab center for dogs.

Located in southwest Colorado, pranaDOGS helps canines who have experienced trauma, are overly anxious, or who just need focused, personal time. The dogs live in small, group settings where they’re able to improve their dog-dog skills and overall manners.

pranaDOGS utilizes solid routines, individual training, hiking, puzzle solving and play to encourage dogs to relax and eventually build the confidence they need to succeed.

As individuals, dogs are unique and the time it takes to help them varies. Some dogs are assessed, do the work and quickly leave, while others may need months. But no matter the time, they all follow the same system; a system that’s worked for more than a hundred dogs!

Many of the dogs who come to pranaDOGS have made bad decisions. Some reacted badly to other dogs, while others have a bite history. Some are just pushy or rude. Since we can’t foresee every situation they’re going to encounter in the future, we teach them coping mechanisms; go-to behaviors they can employ anytime life gets uncomfortable. Then we practice – a lot, in all different situations; until it becomes second nature.