Thank you for considering a donation!

pranaDOGS Behavior & Rehab Center works with Fosters, Rescues, and Shelters who have dogs with behavior problems. Once identified as needing more support, the dogs are sent to pranaDOGS for 1-6 months as they learn to be good players and good neighbors in the community. At which time they are put up for adoption. Unfortunately, many of these organizations do not have a budget for behavior rehab, and we are forced to carry the cost ourselves.

We provide a handful of training and behavior consulting services to help cover the cost, but we rely on donations for food, cleaning supplies, training treats, toys, and vet care. Any donation, big or small, goes directly to the well being of our foster dogs and upkeep of our rehab center. All donations are tax deductible! We greatly appreciate your donation which allows us to continue this important cause.

Sponsor a Dog

Did you know you can sponsor a dog at pranaDOGS Behavior and Rehab Center? Some dogs need months to heal and adjust before finding their forever homes. Some organizations cannot afford the finanical commitment. By sponsoring a dog, you can ensure they stay at pranaDOGS until they’re ready to find their family.