pranaDOGS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Canine Behavior & Rehab Center located on 20 beautiful acres in the Rocky Mountains. We specialize in helping dogs who are transitioning between homes by teaching them to utilize positive coping mechanisms.

We offer services to shelters, rescues, and individuals who need behavioral assistance with their dogs. pranaDOGS uses positive-based training techniques and emphasizes Association and Choice-Based Training.

” We can’t walk a dog through every event they’re ever going to experience. But what we can do is set them up with a positive coping mechanism that they can use anytime the world gets upsetting or overwhelming.” 

Marcy Eckhardt, Founder & Director

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"The Ripple Effect" by Marcy Eckhardt

At a small Humane Society in Southwest Colorado, Shelter Director Shane Hillard’s world is turned upside down when a self-righteous volunteer is appointed to run the organization’s change to no-kill. As the Director struggles to understand the new philosophy, daily challenges threaten to rip apart the important work already accomplished. Compounding matters further, the number of animals needing PHS’s help reaches, then exceeds the organization’s capacity. But, it’s not until the reputation of all dogs is challenged that Shane must stand up for what she truly believes in. Providing a rare and candid look into American Animal Shelters, The Ripple Effect explores the no-kill debate, veterinary conflicts, the impacts of nationwide population imbalances, and other sensitive topics. Inspiring and revealing, The Ripple Effect weaves together the animals, the people and the issues in play across the country.

Durango, Colorado