pranaDOGS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Canine Behavior & Rehab Center located on 20 beautiful acres in the Rocky Mountains. We specialize in helping dogs who are transitioning between homes by teaching them to utilize positive coping mechanisms.

We offer services to shelters, rescues, and individuals who need behavioral assistance with their dogs. pranaDOGS uses positive-based training techniques and emphasizes Association and Choice-Based Training.

Anxious, Shy or Fearful Dog?

Dogs can be nervous for a variety of reasons. They may have experienced a previous trauma, or were separated from their siblings at a young age. Whatever the reason, it’s imperative to set these dogs up for success by allowing them to experience life at their own pace.

Dealing with a Reactive Dog?

Dog reactivity is a huge problem and one you don’t have to try to solve on your own! At pranaDOGS we’ve helped hundreds of dogs and their owners learn what causes this reactivity, and how to overcome it with positive and effective training techniques.

Top 10 Basic Manners

We believe there are 10 basic behaviors all dogs need to know in order to function successfully in society. These include: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Go, Heel, Look, Touch, Leave it and Drop It.

We teach the Top 10 Basic Manners in our Basic Manners and Communication class. This four week class meets for 90-min sessions every week, and covers these behaviors along with many more!

Behavior & Rehab Center

Located on 20-beautiful acres outside Durango, CO, pranaDOGS Behavior & Rehab Center provides animal shelters, rescues and fosters with an outlet for dogs who are struggling with a correctable behavior issue.

Using a formula which has worked time and again, pranaDOGS walks each dog through the healing process and every stage of rehabilitation; allowing them to drop unwanted behaviors while instilling new, positive ones.


We can’t walk a dog through every event they’re ever going to experience. But what we can do is set them up with a positive coping mechanism that they can use anytime the world gets upsetting or overwhelming.

Marcy Eckhardt, Founder & Director