helping dogs become their best selves!

The pranaDOGS Approach

How We Do Things, and Why

There are an unlimited supply of ‘training’ tools on the market. We’ve tried many, and found only a handful of basic items provide all we need. Here we discuss the items we use day-to-day, as well as those we use when your dog is acting up or out of control. More info

You Give Them What?? Treats!! We utilize treats when teaching a dog what a word or hand signal means. Treats are a great way to reinforce good behavior, and to help shy dogs open up. Here we discuss the treats we use, and how to successfully get your pup to work for you, instead of food. More info

Did You Hear That? 

Dogs are constantly speaking. They tell us when they are scared or anxious, or when they are happy and excited, and so much more. Communication is happening from dogs to humans much more frequently than most people are aware. Becoming cognizant of this communication is the first step in reading and interpreting dog behavior.

We are constantly speaking to our dogs, not just verbally, but through our body language, the energy we project, and our speed. Our sex alone can trigger a dog to either respect or mistrust us. Being aware of our impacts on our pups, we can greatly improve our communication and our dogs response rate.

Communication is happening between dogs anytime they are together. From across a room, down a sidewalk or in dog parks, dogs are giving multiple signals of their feelings and often their intentions.

We Provide Limited Training and Problem Solving

Although there isn’t one training method that works for all dogs, if we group them by their personalities, we can use that to improve their training. By focusing on your pups specific needs, training will go much quicker and smoother. At pranaDOGS, every dog is treated as an individual. Training methods are often geared to their personal needs, rather than a one size fits all plan.

After years of working with my types of dogs in different capacities, we have developed a short list of behaviors we put “on cue” for every dog. We call these the Top 10 Behaviors all dogs need to know, and it’s what we feel every dog needs to know to be a well-rounded member of society.

We focus on 2 main issues that affect dogs, including:


Love, Celebrate, Question

  • We love all dogs
  • We celebrate mixed breed dogs
  • We question processes and procedures affecting those we love