Basic Manners & Communication

This intro level class focuses on communication and relationship building by practicing and perfecting the Top 10 Behaviors all dogs need to know. These semi-private classes are a perfect way to start a relationship with a new pet or restart training with a current one.


marcyAt pranaDOGS we have worked with dogs for years in different capacities and have developed a short list of behaviors we put on Cue for all dogs. It’s not all we train but it is what we feel every dog needs to know to be a well-rounded member of society. We call these the Top 10 Behaviors all dogs need to know. It’s also what we teach in our Basic Manners classes (Levels 1&2)

All dogs start in Level 1 and attend for 2 weeks where they work on putting the first 5 behaviors on cue. After that dogs proceed to Level 2 where we focus on the additional 5 behaviors and work on adding distance, distraction and duration to all behaviors.

Classes are $25 each or $120 for 6-weeks. Unfortunately we can no longer offer drop in classes, sign-up required going forward.

*Most dogs attend Level 1 for 2 weeks the exception being fearful and anxious dogs; these dogs need as long as it takes to gain their footing; we have a special plan for anxious dogs allowing them to attend at a non-typical pace.


Classes meet at the La plata County Humane Society but work outside on the river trail behind the shelter (where there’s ample shade). Sign-up Required for all classes. We are limiting classes to 3-5 dogs maximum and 1-2 people per dog.

Level 1 Basic manners (for new students – originally held at 11am on Saturdays)

  • 9:30am on Saturdays

Level 2 Basic manners (for those students who attended Level 1 – originally held at 1pm on Saturdays), 2 classes available:

  • 11am on Saturdays or
  • 6pm on Tuesdays

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