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Basic Manners & Communication

Basic Manners and Communication is an introductory class focused on relationship building, by practicing and perfecting the Top 10 Behaviors All Dogs Need to Know. These small classes are a perfect way to start a relationship with a new pet, or restart training with a current one.

marcyAt pranaDOGS, we have worked with dogs for years, in different capacities, and have developed a short list of behaviors we put “on cue” for all dogs to learn. It’s not all we train, but it is what we feel every dog needs to know to be a well-rounded member of society. We call these the Top 10 Behaviors.

In addition to learning and practicing the Top 10 Behaviors, we also discuss problem solving, body language (yours and your dog), building associations, different training methods and so much more. Each session will end with play time, to ensure they maintain appropriate play skills.

This is a 4-session class which meets once per week, 90 minutes per session. Upcoming sessions:

  • Thursdays, beginning 1/14/21 6pm
  • Thursdays, beginning 2/11/21 6pm

Sessions are held at La Plata County Humane Society. The cost is $120, and sign-up is required. Due to the weather, we will be working inside, so classes are kept to a maximum of 6 dogs. Sign-up below if you’d like to enroll your pup in an upcoming class. Want to pay by credit card?

We work inside the humane society’s multi-purpose room. By limiting class to only 6 dogs, we will be able to ensure 6 feet+ between other dogs/owners. We’re also asking that everyone wear a mask and following all social distancing guidelines.