Latest Past Events

Reactive Dog Workshop

La plata County Humane Society 1111 S. Camino del Rio, Durango

Last-Reactive Dog Walk of 2022!

12th & 2nd - 1 block up from Buckley Pk

Hey everyone, hope to see you at our last Reactive Dog Club get together. We're meeting up at 12th & 2nd to work the neighborhood. Join us one last time in 2022 to help your dog (and you!) gain confidence when walking together!

Reactive Dog Walk

3Springs Heritage lane and Mercado st, durango

Hey Reactive Dog Club! We're winding down our 2022 calendar with our last walk at 3Springs. Join us (or meet up with us!) between 5-6pm where we'll be working on our dogs confidence and ability to be non-reactive in different situations.