Tired of guessing if you’re doing the right thing with your dog?
No time for a multi-week class?
Than a workshop may be perfect for you!

pranaDOGS offers monthly, low-priced workshops for the public. These workshops cover a variety of topics including: Dog Reactivity, Problem Solving, Beyond Basic Manners, and Success With Your Anxious Dog.

These sessions include how to handle typical issues, common errors to avoid, tips and tricks, and take home materials to help you practice with your own pup. Workshops are for humans-only and take place at La Plata County Humane Society in Durango, CO. Sign-up for a particular workshop below. All workshops are $35/family.

2022 Workshop Schedule

Thursday, February 17thDog Reactivity6pm-8pm
Thursday, March 17thProblem Solving6pm-8pm
Friday, April 15thSuccess with an Anxious Dog6pm-8pm
Friday, May 20thDog Reactivity6pm-8pm
Friday, June 17thBeyond Basic Manners6pm-8pm
Friday, July 15thProblem Solving6pm-8pm
Friday, August 19thDog Reactivity6pm-8pm
Friday, September 16thBeyond Basic Manners6pm-8pm
Thursday, October 20thSuccess with an Anxious Dog6pm-8pm
Thursday, November 17thDog Reactivity6pm-8pm
2022 pranaDOGS Workshop Schedule

Dog Reactivity Workshop

Do you dread walking your dog? Are you sick of being pulled and embarrassed anytime your dog sees another? Many dogs struggle when they are on leash and see another dog. But they don’t have to. Make 2022 your year to get your pup’s issues under control so you both can have enjoyable walks.
pranaDOGS Reactive Dog Workshop covers the different types of reactivity, the positive-reinforcement management tools that’ll help give your pup a chance and the steps necessary to help you both feel more confident and successful. Each workshop includes a free month enrollment in our Reactive Dog Club where we practice working with our dogs in group walks. Sign up here.


Problem Solving Workshop

Whether your pup is ignoring you, or stealing food from the counters, we can help with these problem behaviors. In this workshop we share strategies for handling barking, lunging, jumping, nipping, rudeness and so much more. We use our dogs to show you how to train or react to particular behaviors and provide time for individual issues. Sign up here.

Success With an Anxious Dog Workshop

Whether you want to call your pup a CoVid dog or just refer to them as shy, pranaDOGS has been successfully working with these types of dogs for years. In this 90-min, humans-only session, we discuss what causes dogs to become shy and the strategies to help them conquer their fears. Including reading their body language, helping them through their noise sensitivity, and the steps involved to help your pup get their feet under them. We include a step-by-step progression, as well as significant milestones to be celebrated. Sign up here.

Beyond Basic Manners Workshop

Does your pup already know the basic’s and you’re looking to teach them a bit more? In this session we demonstrate how to teach your pup advanced manners (long distance comes, long duration stays and leave it’s) but we also cover a number of fun behaviors you can teach your dog including Targeting, Bowing, Circling, and many more! Sign up here.