Reactive Dog Workshop

Are you tired of timing your walks so you
don’t run into any dogs? Or feel like your
dog isn’t listening to you?

Let us help!

Do you dread walking your dog? Are you sick of being pulled and embarrassed anytime your dog sees another? Many dogs struggle when they are on leash and see another dog, but they don’t have to! Make 2023 your year to get your pup’s issues under control so you both can have enjoyable walks.

pranaDOGS offers a 2-part workshop focused on helping dogs get over their Leash Reactivity.

Much of dog reactivity is caused by fear and anxiety. We discuss this, as well as how it escalates, what we contribute and how to get our dogs through it.

Then we demonstrate the tools that will help and not hurt your dogs and work your pups through the exercises to help you both focus.


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Upcoming Workshops:

Sunday, Dec 3rd 1-4pm
at the La plata County Humane Society

Before you being….Management vs Training

Managing your dog means setting up the environment, and your life, in such a way as to ensure nothing bad can happen to them, and they in turn cannot do damage to others. For example, until I’m sure a dog is over their chewing phase, they’re monitored while in rooms with the decent furniture.

Actually most of us use management more than 80% of the time! Management is the key to having fun with your dog, and not losing your cool every time you get home. A crate is a common form of management, the dog is confined until they learn not to be destructive when you’re away. Keep reading