Dogs fill my life so I often ask weird questions regarding them…..for example, If dogs got tattoos, would they tell their story or show their favorite toy? Would they declare their affiliations or the number of bunnies they’ve killed?

Would they tattoo tennis balls and frisbees or stuffed animals and peanut butter? Would they stamp the food they love on their bodies or perhaps a sloppy bone or favorite treat?

If dogs got tattoos, there’d be a lot of I love mom tat’s but how about I love car rides, paddle boarding, or hunting? Would we see a tat that says Breathe before Barking or Remember the dried liver?

If dogs got tattoos, maybe we’d see I find lost people, I’m someones eyes, I’m a best friend or I’m a cop. Or on the lighter side, I live for Parkour, Treibball or herding sheep. Or I love to nap! Or chase the cat.

If dogs got tattoos, maybe we’d see I survived an Impound facility or lived on my own for 6months. Perhaps they’d make a mark for every home they lived in or when they survived something trying. Would big burly dogs have more tattoos that delicate ones? Would Shepherds have discrete ones?

Hopefully we’ll never know the answers to these questions but it doesn’t stop me from wondering, what tat would your dog get??