Use Movement to help your pup

We often use movement when working with dogs. We may use a hand gesture to communicate a behavior, or as a way to get a dogs attention. We’ll toss a treat to keep them involved or a leash to distract them. And of course, many of us use a ball or toy to play with our dogs or change their focus.

I often joke that some dogs are a bit touched with Attention Deficient Disorder which we can use to our advantage. For example, if I’m trying to get a dog to preform a jump and they won’t follow a hand gesture, I’ll ask for a touch on the far side of the jump. I teach and Reinforce the Touch cue with all the dogs so it becomes second nature. When I ask for it near the jump, the dogs stop thinking about the jump and jump right over to touch my hand. In the video below, Champ had no desire to go over the jumps. But he’s extremely ball motivated, so Mack through the ball and he chased it, jumping as he did.

And remember, if you hear those dreaded words, “Don’t worry, he’s friendly,” the first thing you should do is grab a handful of treats and have at the ready to throw at the approaching dog. It’s amazing how many dogs stop caring about your pup when a hot dog hits them in the face.