Reactive Dog Club

One of life’s simple pleasures is going for a walk with your dog. Unless, of course, you have a reactive dog: One who over reacts to triggers in their environment, such as a skateboard or delivery man. This can make for an unnerving walk, or even a dangerous one. Helping your dog overcome this behavior will make you feel more empowered, and open up opportunities to experience the world with your best friend once again.

Working through your pups reactivity takes time and practice. pranaDOGS Reactive Dog Club meets 3 times a month for group walks with other dog parents who have similar issues.

Register for the Reactive Dog Club

What is the Reactive Dog Club?

A safe place where individuals with reactive dogs can get together and work through challenges as one. We meet 3 times a month, March-Oct in different areas and settings to practice techniques and hone our pups abilities to handle the world in a polite manner.

How Does the Reactive Dog Club Work?

Every month members will receive an email to sign-up along with details on where we’re getting together. We limit the groups to a maximum of 10 dogs for each session to keep the reactivity to a minimum.

Since the Reactive Dog Club is an opportunity for individuals to practice their skills, it’s mandatory for individuals to attend the Dog Reactive Workshop, either virtually or in-person, before joining. The workshop provides the necessary informational foundation needed to excel in this club. Everyone enrolling in the Workshop automatically receives a 1-month membership for the Reactive Dog Club.

Where Does the Club Meet?

We will plan to meet at different locations each week so our pups can generalize their skills. Every month we have a town session, a trail session and a neighborhood session, in order to give folks an opportunity to pick whats appropriate for them.

Why Have a Club?

We understand that this is not an issue that can be fixed in 1 or even 3 settings. We also know how important it is to have success while you’re going through this process. By hosting the group, we’re able to provide a safe environment where you can let your guard down and focus on your dogs issues.

What’s Included In Club Membership?

Club members receive: multiple monthly walks (we average 3 walks a month) with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Walks provide an opportunity to practice and receive immediate feedback in a safe environment as well as the opportunity to talk about problem behaviors. Participants also receive pranaDOGS favorite interruption device: a squeaker, reminder cards, and the ability to rent management equipment.

Everyone attending the Dog Reactive Workshop, virtually or in-person is immediately enrolled in our Reactive Dog Club for a month – allowing multiple opportunities to practice the materials covered. After that first month, membership is just $35/month, or you can purchase a Season Pass for just $150